Private Prayers/Public Rituals

Conceptual framework:

The core notion is to listen, “through” the iconography my singing masks, to local small-scale environments, covering a range from the truly mundane (e.g. grass growing through cracks in a sidewalk) to more conventionally beautiful (e.g. spots in the Arboretum that's adjacent to where I live), and to offer a prayer to the environment with mask(s), “performing” a little sacred ceremony. I might also “sound” various of the materials that are present and make slight alterations in the arrangement of the materials according to an intuited sense of energy flows and “suggestions” from the place itself. The prayerful nature of the activity is intended to heighten a sense of connection and to contribute positive and healing energy to the worl through channels that are not always obvious.

I will document these private prayers with audio recording and either still or motion photography, or both. As the documentation accrues, I will process the materials to shape accompanying audio/visual environments for public ritual presentation along the lines of other of my singing mask ceremony/performance work.

I will also develop a web page devoted to presenting various aspects of the prayer sessions. Another possibility is to produce a film version of the prayers, not just as documentary, but conceived and structured itself as a ceremonial event.

While starting out locally, my grandiose hope is to be able to visit many locations around the world, to listen, to pray, in my own small and personal way to bring peace and joy into the world, along with nurturing connection to all the intricate web of life that sustains us.

Norman Lowrey
February 29, 2004

To the Prayers:

June 10, 2004

June 17, 2004

July 06, 2004

June 6, 2005

July 11, 2005

August 5, 2005

September 4, 2005

June 6, 2009

To the Public Rituals:

August 5, 2005

Earth Day, Drew University, 2010, 2011, 2012

June 23, 2013

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